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Lynn's knitted dog coats

I have just been advised that the renewal cost for this site will increase from £67.68 to £201.60 Sadly, I shall have to close the website down on 24th April 2024.  I am currently looking at other options includung the viability of republishing the site for a few months in autumn 24 to run down current stock. Returning customers may contact me direct on

Welcome to my new hobby website


where I sell hand knitted dog coats to raise funds for dog charities.

Ready made or made-to-measure, 

 any size at 60p/inch length of coat.


All profit donated to small charities.

Slipover style made to measure knitted dog coat
hand knitted for charity

Click  to see some of my cozy canine customers.

All photos on the site will open as a full page pop up when clicked and are 'right click copy protected'. Please ask if you wish to use any of them.


Final  update 1st April 2024

I had been planning to run down my stocks before eventually retiring but the shock price increase has forced a sad change of plan. Thank you to all the people who have supported my fundraising over the past 17 years.  Lynn

1st April, three moderate donations made from 23/24 monies, to Luna Animal Rescue, Dog Lost and Service Dogs UK. One further donation will be available once website sorted and hopefully materials sold.

April 24, 2nd class small parcel post will increase to £3.69 with 1st class at £4.59

May I wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all site visitors?

Help cut your heating bills - put a knitted coat on your dog at night and avoid feeling guilty for turning the heating off/down.  Think of it as a blanket which doesn't fall of in the night.

April 23, the final (small) donation from money raised 22/23 has gone to DogLost UK, a vital group that we all hope we shall never need.

April 2023, postage for 2nd class small parcel has risen to £3.48 (£4.19 for 1st class). I now send second class unless 1st is requested.

May 18

Note on General Data Protection placed at bottom of 'About' page.



  Quick buy                

For those in a hurry to buy a coat there are just 3 steps:

1 Measure your dog:

required length of coat- along the spine

dog's chest- round the largest part of the ribs

neck- round the base of the neck


All sizes in inches. For  guidance and a diagram see 'Before you buy' page.


2 Visit 'Ready to buy coats' pages. All coats displayed are available unless marked  sold but only in the size quoted.


3 When you have made your choice use the Contact form to let me know the number of the coat you would like to buy.

From Autumn to Spring, I aim to respond within 24 hours and normally post within 1 day of payment.

If you are unable to find a suitable coat, you may wish to browse the remainder of the site and commission a made to measure coat. 

About my hobby

Within the site you will find information on why I run 'Lynn's knitted dog coats' and how the profits are donated as well as ways in which you can help .



Guidance on selecting the most suitable style, postage and returns as well as advice on coat care and how to personalise the fit if necessary- all on 'Before you buy

Guidance on how to design and commission a made-to-measure coat- see 'made to measure' sub pages for yarns available and to view illustrations of stitch patterns and designs

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