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Available for immediate dispatch

The coats listed below and on 'Coats 2', 'Coats 3' etc (see drop down menu above) are all that I have available at the moment, they are all machine washable unless otherwise stated and can be dispatched as soon as payment is received. Each one is unique and the photo shows the actual coat you will receive. They are not examples of designs I hold in a range of sizes, though it may be possible to commission something similar in your sizes.


UK Postage is usually £3.49 2nd class (£4.19 1st)  for a single coat, at cost for all orders. Up to 3 coats can often be sent for the above prices.


Due to the way my web pages are constructed, coats are not listed in size order. By early autumn my stock normally includes coats up to around 26".


Slipover style coats can have the 'front' and leg holes adjusted to the measurements you supply before dispatch.


Where coats are made from donated yarn, the quality is the same, or better, than those made from yarn I have purchased, though I don't always receive washing instructions and may have to suggest hand washing as a precaution. It does mean that the full purchase price can be passed on to a good cause without deduction of material costs.


Once you have selected the coat(s) which you wish to buy, please use the contact form to let me know your choice.


If there is nothing available to fit your dog, you may wish to commission a made to measure coat.


XL dog coat in red blue and yellow
Coat 1088 slipover style in blue/red/yellow

Length  26.5" + neck, chest 24" - 29", neck 14" - 17" front 5". Chunky thickness coat, part made from donated yarns.

Coat price £15.60

XL dog coat blue red fleckcoat 1067.JPG
Coat 1067 belly band style in blue/red fleck

Length  25" + 1" neck, chest 24" - 28", neck 17" - 20". Superchunky yarn making a thick heavy coat. Donated yarn so no wash instructions and you may wish to hand wash initially. A test square went through my washing machine on a gentle 40 degree cycle undamaged.

Coat price £15.00

coat 1006.JPG
Coat 1006 button style in deep red and navy
Length 15.5" + neck, chest 19" - 24", neck 9.5" - 13". Double knit weight some donated yarn.

Coat price £9.30

medium blue dog coat 1008.JPG
Coat  1008 button style in blues

Length 15" + neck, chest 22" - 26", neck 10" - 15". Double knit weight, several of the yarns were donated.

Coat price £9.00

bright pink medium dog coat
Coat 1007 button style in bright pink with magenta
Length 14.5" + neck, chest 20" -24", neck 10" - 14". Double knit weight.

Coat price £8.70

copper cploured aran dog coat
Coat  1056 slipover style in copper/multi self patterning
Length 20" + neck, chest 19" - 24", neck 11" - 16", front 2.5". Aran weight yarns, the self patterning one was donated and the copper contains 25% wool. This is an unusually light weight coat.

Coat price £12.00

medium dog coat grey 1098
Coat 1098 button style in elephant grey with yellow fleck

Length 16" + neck, chest 19" - 24", neck 12" - 16". Aran weight donated yarn with 25% wool. Manufacturer says hand wash but yarns are usually ok on a gentle machine wash and I will send a sample square for you to experiment.

Coat price £9.60

large dog coat in pinks 1010

Coat 1010  slipover style in pinks

Length 20.5" + neck, chest 20" - 24", neck 12" - 16", front 3". Chunky weight yarns.

Coat price £12.30

medium dog coat in silver and pink
Coat 934  button style in silver grey with pink heart  SOLD


Coat price £

medium dog coat in turquoise multicoat 933.JPG
Coat 933 in button style in turquoise/ turquoise multi 
Length 16.5" + neck, chest 19" - 24", neck 10.5" - 14". Aran weight yarns, the darker one contains 25% wool and the multi 20% and is particularly thick.

Coat price £9.90

small dog coat in purples 1085.JPG
Coat 1085 in button style in purple/mauve-grey-white self patterning SOLD
Length 12" + neck, chest 17" - 20", neck 9" - 11.5". Double knit yarns, the self patterning one contains 20% wool and was donated and is quite thick.

Coat price £7.20

coat 1050.JPG
Coat 1050 slipover style in blue with blue green fleck
Length 26" + neck, chest 23" -29", neck 12" - 16", front 5". Chunky weight yarns, the plain one contains 30% wool and the fleck was donated.
Coat price £15.60
large dog coat in browns 1086
Coat 1086 slipover style in brown and beige
Length 23.5" + neck, chest 18" -23", neck 13" - 16", front 3.25". Chunky thickness entirely from donated yarns. The beige contains 25% wool.
Coat price £14.10
medium dog coat black rust 1011
Coat 1011 button style in black and rust fleck

Length 14" + neck, chest 19" - 23", neck 11" - 15". Double knit weight with 20% wool. The coat would be reversible if you moved the buttons.

Coat price £ 8.40

x large dog coat red and black
Coat 1066 slipover style in red self patterning with black trim
Length 25" + neck, chest 22" - 27", neck 13" - 18", front 4.5". Chunky weight yarns, the red was donated. A soft light weight and fluid coat.

Coat price £15.00

large dog coat emerald
Coat 1015 slipover in emerald green 
Length 24" + neck, chest 19" -23", neck 12" - 17", front 2.5". Chunky weight yarns.

Coat price £14.40

more coats available on sub pages: coats 2 etc
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