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Coats 2

More ready made coats to buy today-see notes on previous page

rainbow dog coat 715
Coat 715 button coat in rainbow colours  SOLD
Length 14"+ neck, chest 18" -23", neck 10" -14".  Double knit yarns.

Coat price £7.70

XL dog coat in red
Coat  729  belly band in deep red  SOLD

Length 30" including neck band, chest 27"-34", neck 18"- 22", neck could be reduced a little.  This superchunky (extra thick) yarn was donated without washing instructions so I suggest hand washing at least initially and because of it's weight it would benefit from being dried flat. 

Coat price £16.50

dodog coat 424 in blue/grey velour
Coat  424 slipover in blues/grey

Length 26.5" + neck, chest 22" - 27", neck 12" - 16". Aran weight, the grey yarn contains 25% wool and the acrylic blue yarn has a soft thick velour like texture. A functional coat but not to my usual standard so reduced to clear

Coat price £7.50

small dog coat in natural fleck cables
Coat 824 button style in natural fleck  SOLD


Coat price 

small dog coat turquoise
Coat 794 button style in turquoise striped SOLD

Coat price 

dog coat 735 belly band in pink multi
Coat 735 belly band in pinks with navy trim  SOLD


Coat price 

small dog coat in red
Coat 772 in red
This coat is not one of my creations, it was made by a lady in Australia who wanted to support to a group for which I was previously knitting. It has resurfaced following a bit of a clear out! 

Length 12.5" + stitched down neck band, chest 16" - 19", neck 12" -13". It includes a crocheted scallop border and she suggests hand washing. It feels as though it may contain a proportion of wool.

Coat price £6.87

medium dog coat in black and orange
Coat 776 button style in black/white and orange
Length 15" + neck, chest 19" - 24", neck 9" - 14". Double knit thickness. Partly donated yarns.

Coat price £8.25

small dog coat blues 799.JPG
Coat 799 button style in blues  SOLD

Length 12.5" + neck, chest 14" - 18", neck 8" - 12". Double knit thickness, partly from donated yarn.

Coat price £6.87

medium mauve sparkly dog coat
Coat  778 button style in mauve with a sparkly metallic thread 

Length 16" + neck, chest 20" - 24", neck 11" - 16". This is quite a thick double knit yarn.

Coat price £8.80

Coat  780 button style in greens  SOLD

Length 16" + neck, chest 19" - 23", neck 11" -17". Partly made from donated yarn. The darkest contains 25% wool. Coat photographed in daylight, back looks different in electric light and coat folded to show cables down centre back. Chest is all in dark green.

Coat price £8.80

Coat  779 in button style in blue/natural with cables SOLD

Length 14" + neck, chest 17" -22", neck 10"-15". Double knit yarns partly donated. There is a slight mismatch with one button - visible in the photo.

Coat price £7.70

XL dog coat in mauve
Coat 725 slipover in mauve  SOLD
Length 26.5"  + neck, chest  23" - 30", neck 12" - 18", front 5". Lightweight but bulky boucle yarn contains 20% wool. Please note, slight mismatch between balls of darker mauve, visible on chest piece, just below the leg hole, hence price reduced.

Coat price £14.00

2 tone turquoise with heart medium dog coat 814.JPG
Coat  814  button style in 2 tone turquoise
Length 14" + neck, chest 16" - 20", neck 9.5" - 12.5". Double knit thickness, the coat is in the usual style but folded to show the heart motif in the photo.

Coat price £7.70

large dog coat in orange and chestnutJPG
Coat  807 button style in orange and chestnut  SOLD


Coat price £


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