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New  postal address: 12 Cobtree Road, Coxheath, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4QW.  


Previous postal address: Mrs L Sharp, 21 Fellowes Way, Hildenborough, Kent TN11 9DG

As this is a hobby rather than a business, I do not make my phone number available but aim to respond to mails within 24 hours, often less during the busy months.


Please use the form below for general enquiries or to purchase a ready-made coat. For made to measure orders, more information is needed and there is a more detailed form here. 

I will hold the coat for a few days pending receipt of your payment. 

Postage is currently £3.35 for a second class small parcel of (usually) up to 3 coats, within the UK. For multiple coats, huge coats or a single very small coat, always charged at estimated cost and refund offered if overpaid (where it can be made electronically).


When making donations I try to reflect the breed, geographical location and any rescue affiliation of my customers. I also try to reward rescues who give me free publicity by adding a link to their websites, so please tell me how you found my site or if you have a connection to a particular group.

Paypal: With effect from  9th January 2018 I shall no longer be allowed to add the Paypal fee to your bill. This means the charities will receive less from the sale of your coat than from those where customers pay by another method and the donation pot will have to subsidise your postage cost. You will therefore be invited to make a voluntary donation equal to the Paypal fee until I decide if to continue accepting paypal payments. The fee is 30p + 2.9%  on the entire bill including postage, which in most cases amounts to more than 5% of the coat price.

Returns click for details


During much of Dec 19, some customers received the usual 'your form has been sent' confirmation but forms did not reach me. It appears to be fixed now but  if you don't receive a reply withing 48 hours you may like to mail me direct on the above address or on the backup one below. Apologies and I will continue to test from time to time.

I would like to express my thanks to the people and organisations who have helped to publicise my site by adding a link to their own site or by mentioning me on their facebook pages. This can be very effective and saves me from having to spend any of the money raised on advertising.


Particularly to Laura, the owner of many of the Podenco's featured on my site.

You may be interested in hand made collars and leads from Posh Pods ( where Laura donates money from each sale to  rescue charities

More links= better Google ranking=more sales=

more money to donate.

Thank you

By submitting the above contact form, or otherwise mailing me, you consent to storage of your contact details as described at the foot of the 'About my hobby' page. I don't have a mailing list and you will never receive unsolicited mails from me.

After hitting 'submit', you should receive a thank you message.

If not, I may not have received your mail. Please try again or mail me direct at

One of the penalties of using a free website tools that I can receive only a limited number of mails per month. If you experience any difficulties please use the direct mail above and tell me what happened, as this is something I can't test.