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Design archive

On this page you will find photos of some of my earlier work to illustrate types of fancy yarn, stitch patterns and colour schemes which may help you design your 'bespoke' coat.


These coats have all been sold and the yarns may no longer be available but I may be able to make something similar to fit your dog. Just quote the number of the coat you like on your bespokeorder form.

​Yarn types

Stitch patterns

Some of the heavier textured stitches may not be suitable for small coats or thick yarns. Please ask.

Ribbed patterns like 212, 161, 155, 156, 70 388 and 296 are good for small dogs and puppies as they give a snug fit which will 'grow' with the dog.

Designs & style variations

Please use these descriptions on your order form so that we understand one another. Feel free to invent your own design!

Design variation
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