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Coats 3

More ready made coats to buy today-see notes on previous page

small dog coat in pinkst 805.JPG
Coat 805 button style in pinks

Length 11.5" + neck, chest 16.5" - 19", neck 8.5" - 12". Double knit thickness

Coat price  £6.32

small dog coat in brown & lemon
Coat 806 button style in brown and lemon stripes  SOLD

Coat price £

large dog coat, mohair, orange
Coat 808 slipover style in orange and sea green

Length 24" + neck, chest 21" - 25", neck 12" - 16". Aran weight, the orange boucle yarn is light weith yet thick and contains 20% mohair so manufacturer suggests hand washing*. The sea green yarn contains 25% mohair yet is apparently machine washable! The green yarn was donated.

Coat price £13.20

* a test square seems to have survived a 40 degree cycle in my washing machine without any apparent damage, reshape while damp.

medium dog coat blue mohair orangecoat 809.JPG
Coat 809 button style in royal blue and orange  SOLD


Coat price £

XL dog coat 727 in grey and gold
Coat  727 All in one style in grey and gold  SOLD


Coat price 

medium dog coat 813 in pink with heart.JPG
Coat 813 button style in pink and grey  SOLD
Length 13" + neck, chest 17.5" - 21", neck 9" - 13". Double knit thickness, the coat is the usual shape but has been folded to show colour scheme clearly in photo.
Coat price £7.15
grey jade marble  medium dog coat
Coat 821 button style in grey/jade marble yarn  SOLD
Length the basketweave pattern gives it extra thickness. 
Coat price £
smal coat brushed red
Coat  841 button style in red and maroon  SOLD
Length 12.5" + neck, chest 14.5"- 18", neck 10" -12". This coat is unusual in that it is made in chunky weight yarns- v thick. The red contains 20% alpaca, is slightly brushed and very light weight. The neck is heavier yarn so is made without any turn back to avoid too much bulk.

Coat price £6.87

medium cable coat in brown and beigecoat 819.JPG
Coat 819 button coat in beige/brown  SOLD

Coat price £

large coat in sparkly black with turquoise trimPG
Coat 815  SOLD

Coat price £

medium dog coat in greens
Coat 818 button style in greens  SOLD
Coat price £
knited dog coat in blues
Coat 822 button style in blues  SOLD


Coat price £

medium dog coat in blues
Coat 817 button style in blues  SOLD

Length 14.5" + neck, chest 20" - 24", neck 10" - 15". Double knit weight in donated yarns. The stitch pattern makes a nice thick coat.

Coat price £7.97

medium dog coat in mauve stripest 816.JPG
Coat 816 button style in mauves SOLD


Coat price £

medium dog coat in green and brown stripes ribbedJPG
Coat 823 in button style browns, greens yellow and orange stripes  SOLD

This coat is photographed stretched round a folder to show the length and appearance when on a dog of approx 23" chest. On a smaller chest it will be a little longer.

Length 16" at 23" chest +  neck, chest 14" - 23", neck 9" - 15". Double knit thickness in a variety of mainly donated yarns. The ribbed pattern makes it a good choice for a dog who is yet to fill out.

Coat price £8.80

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