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About my hobby

My skills and aims

As a lifelong knitter I was looking for an outlet for my skills. In 2007, I joined K9 knitters and discovered the fulfillment of knitting dog coats to raise funds for dog rescue groups and have since made  over 1000 coats.  All coats are made in a smoke free home, and sadly now a dog free home.


In Spring 2011, I set up on my own as Lynn's Bespoke Dog Coats, principally offering made -to-measure coats and donating 100% of the profit (coat price less the cost of materials and postage) to a range of smaller dog charities. 

The costs associated with running my website were set to treble on renewal in May 2017. To manage this expense I opted to build a totally new site on another host. Unfortunately it was not cost effective to retain the name and hence we arrive at Lynn's knitted dog coats.  The aims and methods remain the same.

Dog coat 1

- the first I ever made Jan 2007

About the dog coats, dog jackets, dog jumpers

- they are all the same to you and I but not to a search engine!

Coats are available in a range of designs, in any size and the buyers choice of colour subject to availability. Where possible I try to recycle by using donated yarns and recycled packaging. This helps to maximise  donations.  Although I knit all year round, this is a hobby and my capacity is limited. During the quieter months I make ready-made coats in popular sizes and these are available for immediate dispatch. They can be seen on the 'Ready to buy coats' pages.

On the 'Before you buy' page you will find guidance on how to obtain a coat that will fit your dog. Also all you need to know about measuring, price and payment.


 Fudge 1998 -2008

                            Toffee 2002 - 2016 

 modelling their early button coats

I welcome the additional challenge of creating a coat for a dog with special needs. There is no extra charge for this service. Sick or elderly dogs sometimes benefit from a coat even in the summer months. For made-to-measure coats dispatch is usually about a week after payment except during the busy September to January period when you will be advised of the delay before payment.

Donating the funds raised

In selecting charities to receive donations, my preference is for small organisations run by volunteers preferably using mainly foster homes and helping dogs primarily in the UK. I try to reflect the types of dogs for whom I have made coats and to reward those groups who kindly put a link from their site to mine or give publicity in their newsletters. Such charities are welcome to contact me for consideration and I am usually happy to donate a coat or coat voucher to any fundraising effort.

Please visit the donations page to see where past monies have gone.

With effect from June 2017, I may in the future donate up to 50% of the funds raised to early stage charities which help both dogs and humans, with Medical Detection Dogs under consideration for 2017.  They are currently training some rescued dogs to work for them, likewise Service Dogs UK. 

Toffee, my reluctant model in a slipover style coat

How you can help to raise funds for dog rescues

Even if you don't own a dog, or don't need a dog coat perhaps you could support me in one of the following ways?

September 23  I currently have plentiful stocks of materials but publicity is always helpful.


Publicity and links from external sites are always helpful as I don't do social media or spend any of the money raised on advertising. Please tell your friends about my site, mention me in your group's newsletter or on your facebook page. Those who don't own a dog usually have a good laugh- that's fine as long as they tell their friends!


Thank you.

Left: in a poorly fitting ready made belly band coat to illustrate the style

Right: in an All in one style coat

Use and protection of your data.

This is a hobby, I work alone and never share your information with anyone. I do not have a mailing list and only store information you give me for the purpose of answering your correspondence or fulfilling any order. My  laptop is protected by anti virus/malware etc subscriptions with auto update and I rely on my e-mail providers to give additional protections. My laptop is password protected.

Mails sent to any of my addresses will be stored online temporarily and may be copied into my computer for longer term storage. If you place any order with me, I will also keep paper records to enable me to comply with HMRC requirements and will endeavour to keep these secure. When payment is made by direct transfer I do not have access to your details. The host for this site (Wix) does put cookies on your browser which is beyond my control. By sending me an e-mail, you consent to the above data storage.

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