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Donations made

Although Lynn's Knitted Dog Coats was only launched in June 2017, the aims and ethos remain the same as those of Lynn's Bespoke Dog Coats which has operated since May 2011.

Below you fill find brief information on where earlier monies were donated. In good years interim donations may be made in December when charities often have additional expenses. I try to reflect the geography and dog type of the orders received as well as rewarding groups which have helped to publicise what I do.

In addition to cash donations I also provide a coat or voucher for a number of charity auctions during the year. Small groups run by volunteers are welcome to ask for a contribution to their auction.


12th April 2023, final monies donated to Dog Lost UK. This brings the total donations for tax year 22/23 to 75% of the price paid for all coats sold and is in addition to the generous donations added by customers, which were passed on in full. I had to replenish wool stocks this year and sadly sales and hence donations were lower than usual.

23rd December 23, two decent sized donations made today, to The Oldies and to Service Dogs UK. 

1st May 2022, final monies donated to Lurcher SOS and Medical Detection Dogs. This brings the total donations for tax year 21/22 to 94% of the price paid for all coats sold and is in addition to the generous donations added by customers, which were passed on in full.

5/6th December 2021, first three donations of the season made to The Oldies, Service dogs UK and Luna Animal rescue.

May 2021, final monies donated to The Oldies Club, Last Chance Hotel and Service Dogs UK.  This brings the total donations for the tax year 2020-2021 to 84% of the price paid for all coats sold. In addition to the above, the full amount of all additional donations kindly added by my customers was passed on at the same time and will be much appreciated after this difficult year for all charities.

December 2020

Two interim donations made, to Lurcher SOS because so many of my coats go to sighthounds and to Medical Detection Dogs because of their work to train covid detection dogs which sadly is receiving little media attention but has the potential to allow big public events again next year, hopefully!



April 2020, final donation of this years fund raising made to Medical Detection Dogs who are currently training dogs to detect Covid 19 so that they can be used to screen large numbers of people to determine who needs to be tested. Something I suspect we would all support at this difficult time.

This brings the total donations for the tax year 2019-2020 to 85% of the price paid for all coats sold.

December 2019

Four donations made to : Cheadle and District Animal Welfare, Luna Animal Rescue, Service Dogs UK and West Yorkshire Dog Rescue.

During the tax year 2018 to 19 donations have amounted to 84% of the price paid for all the coats sold. This is higher than usual as I have been running down stocks of yarn in preparation for a house move and will need to rebuild next year.

February 2019, three further  moderate donations to Luna Animal Rescue, Cheadle and District Animal Welfare and Lurcher SOS because so many of my orders are for lurchers. Larger donations to Last Chance Hotel and The Oldies who help older, more difficult to home dogs of all breeds. 

November 2018

After a busy October I have already been able to make 4 small donations.


Further sums to  Luna Animal Rescue, Cheadle and District Animal Welfare and Medical Detection Dogs as well as something to Service Dogs UK. 

Service Dogs are a very young UK charity run by a group of volunteers and they use only adult rescue dogs  which are trained to help ex service personel who suffer from PTSD. Seems a win- win situation to me.

19 April 2018

Final donation of monies raised in the tax year 17/18 have been made to: Last Chance Hotel, Cheadle and District Animal Welfare, The Oldies Club  and Medical Detection dogs. ( see below for links to their sites) This has been my busiest year ever and the sum donated is equivalent to 76% of the coat prices despite the costs of buying a new domain name and temporarily running 2 websites. 


December 2017

Interim donations to:

Lurcher SOS because so many of this years orders have mentioned various Lurcher Appreciation groups/facebook postings and because they kindly include a link to me on their site.

Luna Animal Rescue, a group newly supported in 2016  

Medical Detection dogs  ( who have now trained some rescue dogs, and currently have one dog rescued from the South Korean meat farms doing well in bio-detection training.  Sadly the 2nd one selected was unable to cope and had to be rehomed. It is amazing that animals who have suffered so much at the hands of so say 'humans' can be taught to work so reliably for us. Do look at their website to learn about their work not only with bio-detection but in training medical detection dogs where they have now reached their 100th partnership.

                          Just click the image to be taken to their site.

Service dogs uk logo.JPG

April 17

By the end of the tax year 16/17 approximately 74% of the coat prices had been donated to 4 small charities: 

Lurcher SOS

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

Last Chance Hotel and

Luna Animal Rescue:

Luna is based in Cambridgeshire and was set up by experienced

rescuers in October 2013. They use foster homes and aim to help

dogs in the UK, principally in the South east and East Anglia.

Some cash was retained to cover the additional startup costs for the new site.


Other charities were assisted by donating a coat, post paid to their on line fundraising auctions. site link

In the tax year 2015/16 approx 88% of the coat prices was donated

                           2014/15                75%

                           2013/14                68%

                           2012/13                75%

                           2011/12                 51%

Part of the reason for the variation is the amount of yarns I have bought during each year as well as increases in web costs.

Over the years donations have gone to the following groups:  (click on the logo to visit each site) site link

This small group of volunteers rescue stray and abandoned cats and dogs and where possible will take them direct from their current home. sitelink

based in Cornwall they mainly rescue dogs, taking the difficult to place and terminal ones who are often rejected by other rescues. link

 I have received a great deal of support from Podenco Friends but as they are not a UK charity I have agreed to send cash to KGR who are based in Kent and help Podencos in the UK.

The Oldies Club, who help dogs over 7 years of any breed as well as helping other rescues with older dogs. 

Cash sent in the form of sponsorship for 2 of their  'care for life dogs'.

Lurcher SOS sight hound rescue

A group based in East Sussex. link link link site link link

Based in South Wales, primarily helping dogs in the UK

link to
link to
link to

A Manchester based group who gave me so much help and a huge delivery of yarns in my early days.

Sadly they are no longer able to rescue dogs so my remit does not allow further donations. Much thanks for all their help in the early days.

"reuniting lost dogs with their owners" - something we can all relate to.

In the early days I made small donations in cash or in kind to the following groups in lieu of help and publicity:

Greyhound Gap                  

Toller rescue fund and Toller health fund                    

All Dogs Rescue           and 

Animal in Distress    

Vizz Whizz auctions in aid of 3 Vizsla rescue charities as well as Podenco friends auctions.

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