Cozy Canine Gallery

On this page you can view some of my previous canine customers.

If you would like to see your dog here just buy a coat and send me a photo. I will only add it to my website if you give permission to do so. Please be aware, although I have taken steps to prevent the photos being easily copied  it is not possible to completely prevent them being used elsewhere.

Click on thumbnail or use the arrows to navigate between images.

Clicking  on the large image will display a full screen image showing the entire photo and it's title.

'To avoid this page becoming too slow to load some of the photos have been moved to cozy canine archive.

Unfortunately this layout works better for landscape than for portrait shaped photos. Apologies to the owners where their dog's head is cut off, if you click on the main photo you will be able to see the whole dog.

Images are protected from right click copying, please ask if want to use them.®

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