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Available for immediate dispatch

The coats listed below and on 'Coats 2', 'Coats 3' etc (see drop down menu above) are all that I have available at the moment, they are all machine washable unless otherwise stated and can be dispatched as soon as payment is received.


Postage is usually £3.70 for a single coat, at cost for all orders.


Due to the way my web pages are constructed, coats are not listed in size order meaning tiny coats may appear at any point on any of the pages. By early autumn my stock normally includes coats up to around 26", for the 2019 season the bigger ones are mostly towards the end.


Slipover style coats can have the 'front' and leg holes adjusted to the measurements you supply before dispatch.


Where coats are made from donated yarn, the quality is the same, or better, than those made from yarn I have purchased, though I don't always receive washing instructions and may have to suggest hand washing as a precaution. It does mean that the full purchase price can be passed on to a good cause without deduction of material costs.


Once you have selected the coat(s) which you wish to buy, please use the contact form to let me know your choice.


If there is nothing available to fit your dog, you may wish to commission a made to measure coat.


large steel blue dog coat with cablescoat 863.JPG
Coat 863 button style in steel blue  SOLD

Length 17.5" + neck, chest 21" - 25" neck 13" - 16".  Aran weight yarn, the coat is the usual button coat shape with 2 pairs of buttons but displayed to show cables down centre back.

Coat price £9.62

large dog coat with wool multicolour
Coat 870 in slipover style red/blue/green with chocolate
Length 19" + neck, chest 15" -22", neck 10" - 15", front currently 2.75". An unusually thick aran weight yarn with 20% wool. The pattern is much less 'ziggy' in real life with the red-yellow zigzags being much less obvious. Reverse is close to a mirror image. Dark trim is chocolate brown. 

Coat price £10.45

large dog coat in mauve and grey stripest 820.JPG
Coat 820 button style in greys and mauves

Length 16.5" + neck, chest 21" - 25", neck 10" - 16". Double knit yarns almost all donated.

Coat price £9.07

small dog coat in grey- pink
Coat  866 button style in pink-yellow with grey  

Length 13.5" + neck, chest 16" - 21", neck 8" - 12". Double knit yarns, the grey contains 63% wool and both were donated.

Coat price £7.42

large dog coat in mustard and jade
Coat  865 in button style, mustard with jade

Length 18" + neck, chest 21" - 26", neck 12" - 17". Aran weight yarns, the mustard contains 29% wool.

Coat price £9.90

medium dag coat in green and blue

Coat 752 slipover in green with blue trim

Length 18" + neck, chest 19" - 24" neck 12" - 15", front currently 3". Chunky weight yarns, the blue contains 20% wool and the light weight textured green with blue streaks contains 29%. 

Coat price £9.90

medium dog coatin mauve multi
Coat 791 button style in mauve/multi  SOLD
Length  a nice thick textured stitch. 

Coat price £

medium do coat green aran
Coat 872 button style in green/multi  SOLD

Length 15" + neck, chest 19" - 23", neck 10"-14".  Aran weight yarns, the multicoloured yarn contains 20% wool and the donated green 51%.

Coat price £8.25

medium dog coat in gree multi 792.JPG
Coat 792 button style in bottle green/multi  SOLD

Length 15" + neck ( 16" when flat on table), chest 17" - 23", neck 11" - 17". Double knit weight with 25% wool in the multi-coloured yarn used for the back. This ribbed pattern looks better when slightly stretched and provides lots of room for filling out, making it a good choice for growing dogs. 

Coat price £8.25

Coat 724 All in one style in mauve  SOLD
This light weight but bulky boucle yarn contains 20% wool and makes a very fluid (stretchy) coat.
Coat price 
small coat in rose pink velour
Coat 867 button coat in rose pink
Length 14.5" + neck chest 20" -24", neck 11" - 14". An unusually thick double knit yarn with a thick lightweight velour like texture. Donated.

Coat price £7.97

large dog coat blue multi
Coat 868 button style in blue-green-yellow with navy

Length 23.75" + neck, chest 23" - 28", neck 11" - 16". An unusually thick aran weight yarn, the self patterning contains 20% wool and the navy 25%.

Coat price £13.06

large dog coat green/blue
Coat 753 slipover in green with blue trim
Length 21.5" + neck, chest 21" -27", neck 12" - 16", front currently 3". Chunky weight yarns, the blue contains 20% wool and the light weight textured green with blue streaks contains 29%. 

Coat price £11.82

more coats available on sub pages: coats 2 etc
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