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On this page you can find photos of the fancy yarns currently available. Please scroll down to find the appropriate thickness

​Double knit

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Blue/magenta mix
100% acrylic but hand wash recommended
Green marl
100g only
fushia and purple
self patterning with 15% wool
brown mix
100% acrylic but hand wash recommended
Black and rust
20% wool
Teal crepe
sparkle pink or turquoise
Pink now gone, some turquoise available
mauve metallic thread 300g
no lime, v little black left
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approx 100g of each so enough for ~ 17" long coat only. 24% cotton. Soft and fluid, good for sleepcoat
aran turquoise mix
Turquoise/navy self patterning
Red with white fleck
400g with wool
with wool
Dark blue with neps
Grey/ natural tweed
400g with 20% wool
Heather tweed with wool, on right
shown with toning mauve on the left- possible trim colour?
with wool
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very thick, limited quantity so I will probably combine with grey trim
marble yarns, blues, pinks, mauves,
Red & top left mauve gone, blue limited. Need plain trim and neck.
chunky pink grey self patterningyarn
v thick and available in limited quantity so coat will benefit from a slightly thinner plain coloured chest and neck- better rib.
Kool Kids red
with multicoloured neps ( little lumps)
Bright pinks with navy/brown
self patterning possibly 200g
limited amount left
Blue self patterning- reserved
500g, slightly darker than in this flash photo
this one is definitely bright
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