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Lynn's knitted dog coats

If you are able to view this page it indicates that I have recently passed away and 'knitted' is now closed.
Please be assured that I have made arrangements for all remaining materials and ready made coats to be donated to charities which I have previously supported. 
I have arranged to make a substantial donation to a dog charity which will more than equal any funds raised but not yet donated, so your support will definitely reach the charities as expected.
If you have recently paid for an order but have not received a mail to confirm that it has been posted, I'm sorry but you will not be receiving your coat(s) and are entitled to a refund. My executor will not have access to mails sent to this site so you will need to write to him:
To the executor of L Sharp c/o  12 Cobtree Road Coxheath Maidstone ME17 4QW
Please state your name, postal address and details of how much you paid, the date on which it was paid and the method of payment. Unfortunately it will probably not be possible to issue a refund until probate has been granted, which will take some months. I apologise for for dropping dead unexpectedly and causing so much inconvenience. Thank you for trying to support my fundraising efforts.
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Slipover style made to measure knitted dog coat
hand knitted for charity
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